More love, less hate

Tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding. These are words that I have been using since I can remember, but oh man is it hard to display these easily understood syllables.

Why has it become this difficult?

I believe that we truly live in a day that people care more about themselves than others. Do I have enough? Am I satisfied? All we seem to notice is our needs.

My friends, this is very, very sad.

There is too much hate and unjust in this world to be like this. There have been too many devastating events happening around us to continue down this catastrophic road.

Just because someone is different, it doesn’t make them evil. Just because someone believes something different, it doesn’t make them a horrible person. Just because someone looks different, it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

We should be tolerant of differences. We should accept everyone. We should forgive. We should show understanding. We should do these things despite the differences.

Everyone deserves love.

Everyone should show love.

Why is hate such an easy thing to detour to? We need to stop taking the easy path and take the path less traveled.

I think we would all be happier.

We would be happier if we showed happiness.

And love.

Like a wise person once said, “Build bridges, not walls. Make love, not war. Spread positivity, not hate. Live life, be happy.”

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You are loved

God loves you.

I know you’ve heard this thousands and thousands of times, but have you really thought about it? Have you really taken the time to let it sink in that God loves you? Not only does He love you, but his love is unconditional and without limitations.

How cool is that?

“This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased,” (Matthew 3:17).

Did you hear that?

Girls, look at that verse again. Cross out son and replace it with daughter. Cross out him and replace it with her.

This is my daughter, whom I love; with her I am well pleased.

You are loved.

Did you know that God loves you no matter what? No matter what your sin may be or have been, he will or has forgiven it and moved on. No matter if it was sex before marriage or that time you cheated on that really hard Calc test, he still loves you.

Sometimes I think that we let the sin take over our lives and we listen to Satan telling us that we are not good enough and we forget that love.

Look at it this way, in John, God sent his son to die for our sins. OUR sins. Not just her sins or his sins, our sins. Can you imagine being in God’s shoes and loving a group of people so much, that he gave up is one and only son? Imagine how hard that would be.

This just shows you how infinite and how much you are loved by God.

Even when we feel undeserving or unlovable, God is going to wrap you up and pour into you. When you don’t feel good enough or like you’ve done enough to earn his love, he is going to love you. God is a good, good Father*. He is going to love you unconditionally and even in your most unlovable, broken moments.

Repeat this after me: I am so loved by God.


*Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

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