Why am I in this season of waiting?

“I am sure God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait,” C.S. Lewis.

I came across this quote today and thought about how accurate it really is. There are so many aspects of our lives that we can relate this quote to whether it is that job that we really, really want or that man that we have been so desperately waiting for.

Speaking of relationships, I know that in my life, this is what I struggle with daily. Now don’t get me wrong; I am a strong, independent woman (can I get a Beyoncé?), but sometimes I just want a man to help me change my tire, ok. With all jokes aside, I have a hard time waiting on God’s timing sometimes.

Every time I turn around it seems that one of my friends is starting a new relationship or is getting engaged or married, and honestly sometimes I feel a little left out (picture 27 Dresses- that’s me). I think that in our lives, mine especially, I see so many happy people in great relationships and I think, why not me? When is it my turn? I have waited so long, where is he?

Remember God’s timing is perfect.

Girls (and to the guys out there too!) your time is coming! Remember that God is going to give you someone when you are ready.

God is making you wait because there is a reason, even if you don’t always see it.

In the aspect of relationships, God is taking this time to mold both you and your (maybe soon to be) significant other. To have a Godly relationship, you both should be pointed and focused on God. He is just helping you out! He’s giving you this time to work on your relationship with Him and your relationship with yourself. He knows what he is doing!

God should always be your number one. This is the time you should be using to strengthen your relationship with him.

I remember a time when I would sit in my room, loathing in self pity because another one of my girlfriends got engaged. Was I not good enough? Why was it her and not me? During this time, instead of moping around, I could have been bettering myself and my relationship with God.

In the times that I am feeling lonely, I like to remember that there is someone out there that is dying to meet me, wondering who I am. I think about how God is molding him into the man that will someday become my ‘perfect’ husband. I think about how God is using this time to change my heart and help it grow in a way that will be ready for this man when the time is right.

I like to pray for this man and our future relationship. I think that is something that God wants us to do. I pray that God makes him into the man that he is supposed to be, and I ask God to give this man the strength to continue his walk with the Lord. I pray for his relationship with Jesus and that his faith grows and deepens.

Remember, in this season of waiting, God is using you for a purpose.

All in all, this shouldn’t be the loneliest time of your life, but a time of growth and love. Never give up, because God has a plan for your life.


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Do all in love

Let all that you do be done in love.

What a powerful statement, yet I think as Christians many of us fail at this daily. Sometimes it is so hard to show love, especially when the person isn’t always the most desirable to be around or you’ve had a bad day.

But listen. Those are God’s words.

1 Corinthians 16:13 & 14 states, “Be on your guard; stand firm in your faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.”

Do everything in love.

That doesn’t mean when it’s convenient for you or when you feel like it. It doesn’t mean with your friends or family. It means to everyone all of the time.

I often find myself struggling with this all the time. I like to think of myself as a genuinely nice person, but sometimes I lose sight of how I am supposed to treat people. It’s hard sometimes. I could give you at least ten different people’s names that just rub me the wrong way. This doesn’t just give me the right to treat them in an unloving manner. I need to show compassion and love.

God calls us to be Christ like (1 John 2:6 as well as many other places in the Bible). Obviously, there is never going to be a time that any of us are perfect like Christ was when he was on earth, but we definitely should do our best. Christ showed us grace and compassion, love and acceptance. We should be showing these things to everyone else.


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More love, less hate

Tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding. These are words that I have been using since I can remember, but oh man is it hard to display these easily understood syllables.

Why has it become this difficult?

I believe that we truly live in a day that people care more about themselves than others. Do I have enough? Am I satisfied? All we seem to notice is our needs.

My friends, this is very, very sad.

There is too much hate and unjust in this world to be like this. There have been too many devastating events happening around us to continue down this catastrophic road.

Just because someone is different, it doesn’t make them evil. Just because someone believes something different, it doesn’t make them a horrible person. Just because someone looks different, it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

We should be tolerant of differences. We should accept everyone. We should forgive. We should show understanding. We should do these things despite the differences.

Everyone deserves love.

Everyone should show love.

Why is hate such an easy thing to detour to? We need to stop taking the easy path and take the path less traveled.

I think we would all be happier.

We would be happier if we showed happiness.

And love.

Like a wise person once said, “Build bridges, not walls. Make love, not war. Spread positivity, not hate. Live life, be happy.”

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